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3 Tips That Won’t Fail You When You Prepare for Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam!

Nota sobre 3 Tips That Won’t Fail You When You Prepare for Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam!

The Cisco 700-680 exam is dedicated to Account Managers and Presales Engineers who want to validate their knowledge of the foundations of Collaboration SaaS solutions provided by Cisco. Considering that Webex has become incredibly popular over the past years, passing the Cisco 700-680 exam will help you consolidate your proficiency in using this tool. Besides, as this assessment is a requirement for accessing the 200-301 SaaS Authorization Program, you can use it to validate your professionalism in managing Cisco’s Collaboration tools and apps and become a valuable member of your team. 

Given the increasing popularity of this exam, you will need to be very organized during your training routine. Check the following tips that you can use to better prepare for the Cisco 700-680 assessment.

3 Tips You Should Consider When Preparing for the Cisco 700-680 Exam

  1. Carefully review the exam’s topics

Before you jump into taking the 300-410 certification exam, you need to understand what’s expected from your side. So, checking the blueprint for the exam will help you understand what skills you need to develop. First of all, you should have a clear understanding of the Webex Market particularities and know how to use Webex Calling function. In addition, you will find questions related to different Webex functions such as Meetings, Control Hub, Security, Teams, and Devices. What is more, you should learn about Collaboration Flex Plan and Webex Try and Buy.

  1. Use official training materials

Now that you have a good understanding of the list of topics included in the 300-415 blueprint, you should move further to identifying the available preparation resources. You should begin by checking the vendor’s page for official training classes. Cisco created a training dedicated to this test that helps you get a clear understanding of each topic and offers you the opportunity to ask Cisco trainers any questions you might have. Besides, you can explore Cisco SalesConnect to take advantage of a variety of other training materials that Cisco Partners offer.

  1. Check your preparedness level with practice tests

Practice tests are important in your preparation process for the 350-401 . They include questions that are very similar to the ones included in the official exam. Like this, you will get used to the exam structure and difficulty level. Besides, you can time yourself and make sure that you answer all questions according to the official duration of the test. Therefore, practice tests are an extraordinary tool that you can use for improving your time-management skills and validating your preparedness status. You can find verified practice tests on different reliable websites such as Exam-Labs, ExamSnaps, or Exam-Labs .



Passing the Cisco 700-680 exam is an important achievement for your future career. It helps you validate your skills in managing CCIE and provides you with the opportunity to land well-paid positions in this domain. Use the tips outlined in this article to improve your preparation routine and increase your chances of success. Good luck!