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How to combine your wedding gown with a bouquet of flowers

Nota sobre How to combine your wedding gown with a bouquet of flowers

Flower girl dresses may not be commonly used at weddings but to embed the nuances of flowers, the use of flower bouquets can be an option. The choice of bouquet depends entirely on your style. But attention! For perfect synchronization, the chosen wedding dress will have a big influence. How to choose a bouquet to suit your dress? We told you.

Everything, everything must be played harmoniously on your wedding day. And especially if we talk about the appearance of the wedding, which should look perfect, beautiful and beautiful, because all eyes will be on the wedding dress and all the accessories around it.

The choice of bouquet will depend entirely on the style and taste of the bride. But attention! For perfect synchronization, the chosen wedding dress will have a big effect, especially in the same cut. Therefore, and to facilitate your choice, we give you tips for choosing a bouquet in accordance with the dress cut

1. Cut dress

Thanks to the simplicity of physiognomy, it is one of the most famous styles in the world of bridal fashion. This is marked by being tighter at the top, while the bottom extends in the form of a capital letter A, giving the name to a piece of clothing.

For this style there is a greater variation of interest, compared to other pieces, which we will discuss below. The bouquet allows setting it up with wildflowers, or combining it in a more classic way, that is, with roses, peonies, and daisies, getting a color palette without leaving the classic halo, producing a contrasting effect on the bouquet. Purple with pink will look great in this type of dress.

2. Cut royal dress

His expertise comes from the past, from ancient cultures as Greek. Indeed, thanks to that memory, the style of the Imperial cut is also called the "Hellenic cut", as was common among ancient Greek women. Adjusted under the chest, the skirt has a large fall, and on top stands a steamy fabric that gives a romantic and, of course, mythical touch.

Here the gentle tone reigns in the bouquet, paying homage to the living nature without releasing the delicacy of flowers. The ideal bouquet is a rose covered in orange and pink, accompanied by ivy. Also an elegant bouquet of gems, gold, freesias, carnations and small white flowers. They are elegant, sober, rounded at the top, minimal green details and combine gold colors, typical of the Helena era.

3. Princess cut dresses

Classic wedding dresses are princess pieces. When women dream of their marriage, this is the style that pops into their heads, no doubt, because that's how they dress up the favorite princess of the Disney story, becoming a classic and timeless style in the bridal world. Its main features: a thick skirt that starts from the specified waist, prints a feeling of fantasy and the stories of the princess castle and government.

And to top it off, the ideal color for a wedding bouquet is cake and soft tones, that is, they exude pure romance. Therefore, the best proposal is a short bouquet of beige, pale pink and some light green, but reinforced with a metallic tone. Other options are roses, white hydrangeas, bare carnations, rice flowers and small green details.

4. Mermaid's cut dress

Sensuality and womanhood are what the mermaid dresses convey to the bride who decides for her. This design fits the most beautiful creatures in books, films, and mythological reviews. The strength of his attraction and sensuality are key in this character and therefore, today the brides choose to look sleek, because it is adjusted to the outline of the silhouette.